Puerto Escondido. Foto-grapher


Puerto Escondido, Oax., México


I’m a Mexican guy that started surfing in Tofino B.C Canada, so eventually I ended up falling in love wih surfing and photography. 

I can swim in medim size waves. Here in Puerto Escondido, the waves are perfect most of the time, and when is 6feet or bigger there’s not a lot of people out so it’s great for photos. 

I also know some other great spots around the Oxaca coast 😉

The main big wave break Zicatela still is a no go in the water for me, but I’m training so one day I’ll be capable to swim under those 15feet swells (25feet) faces. 


Anyway, shoot me a message if you’re interested. 

Here is my IG @l.mmp


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