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The Gash Pack

The Gash Pack is not a surf camp but more so a mobile surf trip with four main base camps located in Tulear and the Vezo fishing villages of Ifaty-Mangily, Sarodrano, and Anakao, it is if you like four surf trips in one combined with four totally different cultural experiences. The 60km stretch of coastline between Ifaty and Anakao lays host to more than 18 breaks which are accessible by boat only. At least 12 of these breaks are world class on their day. A mobile surf tour is the best and only real way of maximising potential surfing time in the region. The waves are quite fickle and local knowledge as well as a good boat are essential in scoring the best waves on offer each day. Tulear is no real secret to SA, French or Reunion Island surfers as they have been coming here for some years now. However due to the aforementioned complications a lot of surfers have not had the best experiences as they have had to just stay in one particular spot for their stay and have often missed the best waves. Add to this the language dilemma and dealing with local fisherman to get out to the breakscombined with the lack of local knowledge and it hasn't always been an easy trip for nomadic surfers. I have been surfing here for more than 15 years, know the waves and local conditions like the back of my hand and will get you to the best waves on offer everyday! Surfing in Tulear is definitely going to explode in the future as quality uncrowded waves such as we have on offer here are a very rare commodity nowadays. This place is basically a time bomb just waiting to explode!!


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