How it Works

Recently launched, MYSURFMATE is a free platform that offers two cool things:

Platform for surfers to link up with locals or professional providers in the area for all things surf!

Platform for surf providers or local surfers to offer their services to those seeking it.

What’s the drive behind it?

Simple, a passion for surfing and a mission to connect local surfers and surf providers. How cool would it be to travel to the other side of the globe, connect with a local surf or surf coach on demand and get shown all the best surf breaks in the right conditions? MYSURFMATE thinks so anyway.

Cool, anything else?

Well yeah, you can also use MYSURFMATE to book yourself a beach shack, surf hostel, you can go a little more fancy with a surf retreat or villa or really take it up a notch and book yourself onto a boat charter. MYSURFMATE also offers professional surf photographers for you to hire to make sure you capture that perfect wave on record!

You can also use the site as a central portal for surf related collateral such as surfing tips, surf specific exercise, surf technique & all things surf… Did we say surf?

This is awesome, how do I sign up?

Simple, it’s free to sign up and you can do it in one of two ways, or both…

Planning your next surf adventure? 

Select “I am a Surfer”, once you’ve signed up you can browse all our providers across the world. Once you’re signed up don’t forget to mark any providers or locations you like on your bucket list by clicking the love heart on their profile.

Want to offer your surf services?  

Select “I am a Provider”, add your service, name your price, build your profile and when surfers are looking online for the right provider for them your profile will show up.